Look Great Feel Great, by Joyce Meyer

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Alot, diets tell you how to lose weight. You usually starve. Then, there are no instructions on how to maintain.

Then, there are lifestyles. But how can you go throughout your entire life without eating, for example, a carb?

Having you ever thought about handing over your weight problem to God?

Look Great Feel Great, by author Joyce Meyer, is a Christian inspirational and motivational weightloss book.

Look Great Feel Great
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Joyce Meyer is known all over the world as a biblical teacher. However, in Look Great Feel Great, she does not "preach" at you. She simply gives you easy and doable tips that anybody may do!

There are twelve chapters each involving a selection of five steps in each chapter where you must choose one step each to follow and practice each day.

She quotes the BIble saying that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. She states that if you saw a run-down church, you would wonder about the minister, wouldn't you? Etc. Thus, the reason to read this book!

About the steps, for one chapter you could choose to "take water with you wherever you go". In another chapter, you could choose to "let God do the heavy-lifting". In another chapter you could choose to "fidget". Remember there are five to choose from in each chapter, so your keys might not be just like mine.

This is the best book I have ever read. I have read it atleast five to six times. You may buy it from The Joyce Meyer Ministries Website or check it out of your local library or bookstore.

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