Small Steps

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Have you arrived at this hub article wondering where to begin? Do you need that little nudge of encouragement? A little inspiration? Motivation? Well, you CAN do it. All it takes are a few small steps!


Drink water with lemon to quench your thirst and to make you feel full.

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Keep a food journal to note types of cravings, when cravings and where cravings.

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Don't consume too much meat. When making spaghetti sauce, use mushrooms instead. Also, have veggie burgers.

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Keep good snacks around you. Personally, I like green bell pepper strips. However, any veggie or fruit will do. Almonds are good swaps, but a little expensive.

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Plan your meals for the week over the prior weekend, making it easier to know just how many calories and portions. Again, controlling what you are consuming.

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Finally, strive for 10 minutes of ANY type of exercise activity/movement each day. You can do it.


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