The Salad Diet

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Chef Tasha DeSerio is well-respected in the culinary business and wrote a book called Salad for Dinner. Salad for Dinner is a recipe book designed to help people turn salads into main meals. You can use this book to follow the salad diet or use some of the salad recipes to add variety to your meal plans at home. Even though the Salad for Dinner book focus on making salads for your meals, the recipe book appeals to both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

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Here are some of the pros and cons for following the salad diet or using some of the recipes found in the Salad for Dinner book:


• Makes it easier to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit
• Salads are fast and easy to prepare
• Provides guidelines on basic salad preparation techniques
• Includes advice on selecting quality ingredients
• Created by a well-respected chef in the culinary business


• Recipes do not contain nutritional information
• Won’t appeal to those who don’t like eating salad
• Some of the ingredients are expensive
• Most of the recipes contain relatively high amounts of oil

While this salad diet is not designed to promote weight loss, eating more salads can make it easier to reduce calories in your daily diet. Additionally, increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables can improve your overall health. If you love salads or just want to check out the salad diet, look up Chef Tasha DeSerio’s book called Salad for Dinner.

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