Healthiest Winter Vegetables

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Winter Vegetables (1)     
Although most vegetables can be harvested year-round, there are some vegetables that prefer colder weather and can even withstand snowy conditions. These vegetables are known as winter vegetables, due to their ability to withstand cold, harsh weather. In addition, this process causes winter vegetables to taste sweeter in the cooler months, making winter the optimal time for harvest.

Basket of vegetables

Here’s the healthiest winter vegetables:

• Kale – Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Antioxidants, Powerful Plant Compounds

• Brussels Sprouts – Nutrients, Vitamin K, Antioxidant (alpha-lipoic acid)

• Carrots – Vitamin A, Antioxidants

• Collard Greens – Nutrients, Vitamin K, Calcium

• Red Cabbage – Nutrients, Vitamins A, C and K, Anthocyanins

• Radishes – Vitamins B and C, Potassium

• Parsley – Nutrients, Plant Compound Luteolin

There are several vegetables that thrive in colder weather. Also, some of these vegetables even are tastier after being exposed to frost. These cold hardy vegetables make it possible to fill your diet with fresh and seasonal produce throughout the year. Remember, this is just a small sampling of nutrient-packed vegetables to choose from.

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